ArtLAB - About Us & You

ArtLAB is a new and small "pilot", public high school in LAUSD. It's a unique and innovative school that is developing better methods of teaching and learning based in deep research and experienced practice. 

 is arts-centered. That means that we believe in imagination and creativity as the key to learning. Students are engaged in challenging projects that help them to learn the content through active questioning, production, exploration and experimentation. 

That doesn't mean you have to be an "artist", or even that you will become an "artist". It means you ALREADY ARE AN ARTIST!! Even 5 year olds know how to make art and be creative!! For example, 
students might produce a book, video, or community service project that shows what they know about equality and democracy.

Our classes are academically rigorous! They prepare you for college and a career. Our teachers work together to connect the big ideas and main themes of the class so it more meaningful and relates to life. 

We work hard to include and value all students! We know who you are and support your academic and personal growth in an Advisory class and with extra learning services. 

ArtLAB will prepare students for the 21st CenturyIn the media lab students can produce traditional visual art and all kinds of multimedia, including music, web sites, video games, animation, documentaries, films, podcasts, interactive technology, and more!! We'll develop a program where these projects are integrated in many of your classes. 

We work with the community to interact and participate. Check out all of the Partners that are involved in making ArtLAB a valuable learning experience for you.

Join ArtLAB to learn more about the world and yourself!

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